Sunday, March 20, 2011

Digging the Garden

Digging out the garden is a lot of work, but the soil isn't going to dig itself so somebody's gotta do it! This year's garden is much bigger than last year's, so lots more digging to do! And I'm putting a grass path down the center of the old garden, so lots of grass to transplant!

Digging has begun! The old garden is in the center, and I've already begun to build the path. In the upper right you can see where I've been digging, and where the grass came from. On the right hand side, from top to bottom, you can see the Tomatoe Patch being dug, above the Watermelon/Sunflower patch and then a strip for the Marigolds next to the patio.
You start by digging a hole. Place some compost in the hole (I'm using last year's leaves). Fill the hole with dirt from digging a hole next to it.
Repeat until done!
Then plan where everything goes!
More garden patches to prepare!

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  1. Well, you guys are lucky. I was planning to plant some basil in half an oak barrel on my deck, but it's covered with snow again! Grrrrrrr