Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Garden is Thriving!

We've had some storms, and the sunflowers have lost some limbs, but the garden is thriving! We're seeing more beans and pumpkins, and we're starting to see tomatoes!

The Pumpkins are moving in, but the Tomatoes are still going strong!
Someone has been eating the Sunflowers!
These are seeds from last year's Chocolate Sunflowers, cross-polinated with the Mamoths
In the center front you can see a young sunflower from last year's Mamoths
Beans! (a little dirty from the storm)
More Lettuce!
Pepperchinis! Chili Peppers!
Pumpkins attacking the Tomatoes
Pumpkin Patch!
First Pumpkin is a mutant!
Marigolds that ring the fire pit seating!

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