Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things to remember...

I'm trying new things each year, but I need to remember what I've learned for next year so that I can benefit from the experience!

Things for Fall!
  • Old Pumpkins go in the Pumpkin Patch ONLY!
  • Keep Rotten Tomatoes in Wild Tomato Patch
  • Plan and start preparing garden layout

Things for Late Winter!
  • Sunflowers and Pumpkins get rockwool/sponge
    • Need to add fertalizer to water
  • Everything else gets soil
    • Mix 'seed starter' with coconut
  • Sunflowers and Beans need fans
  • Grow more seedlings!
    • 2-3 times as many seedlings as I need
    • New planting every 1-2 weeks

Things for Spring!
  • Use Outdoor Sun as soon as possible
    • Outside during warm days
    • Lights during cold days
    • Inside at night
  • Tie up with sticks early
    • Leave slack for wind/movement

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